The Brake House

DILOHANA LEKAMGE | The Brake House by Ron Sang is a landmark of Aotearoa architecture. However, viewing the Brake House as a meeting-point between professional and cross-cultural exchange makes the home a conceptually complex site…

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Return to Cloud Mountain

A poem by NINA POWLES, written after Kerry Ann Lee’s installation Return to Skyland which begins: “One night in a dream, Kerry Ann Lee’s father journeyed from Wellington to Xi’an to see the terracotta warriors …”

Offerings of ping pong and cleaning tools from a hanging wine box, in a former factory-turned artist colony, Geneva, 2014. Photo by Xin Cheng

7 drifts on the possibilities of shared spaces

XIN CHENG | Walking is slow compared to riding a bike, sitting in a car or catching the train. The slowness allows me to notice and be free to stop and see more whenever I like. While I do walk to get somewhere, I often leave extra time so it could be more of a drift: the pleasures of being lost in unexpected places…

LAM360º camp in Khentii. Photo by Sena Park

안녕하세요, 센베노 그리고 하이! 두 번째 이야기_랜드 아트 몽골리아 360º

2018년 7월 30일 오전 10시가 막 넘어가는 시각, 버스 안에서는 파티가 시작되었다. 마치 영화 속에서 나 보았던 옛날 어른들의 관광버스 파티를 연상케 했다.  술잔이 돌아가고, 끝없는 수다가 이어지며 버스 안은 점점 흥이 나기 시작했다. 몇몇 작가들은 벌써 조금 취한듯했다. 술 파티를 시작하기엔 조금은 이른 시간이었지만, 아직은 낯선 분위기를 편하게 해주기에는 이보다 좋은 방법은 없을 것이다.…

Elisabeth Pointon, WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, 2019. Photo by Kasmira Krefft

WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT: In Conversation with Elisabeth Pointon

ROBBIE HANDCOCK | WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT. was an exhibition by Wellington artist Elisabeth Pointon held at play_station gallery in January 2019. The project consisted of a plane towed banner reading “SPECTACULAR.” flown over One Tree Hill, Auckland. The following is the result of an artist talk between Elisabeth and Robbie Handcock held in association with the show…

Haegue Yang, The Intermediate – Hairy Tele Digi-Big-Bang Fanned Out, 2018, (detail). Courtesy of the artist. Photo Carl Warner

9 things to see and do this week

AMY WENG | The year of the pig has barely begun with lunar festivities still winding down, yet there’s no sign of rest and relaxation ahead. Here’s our top nine things to do this week to keep the celebrations goings…