In search of real Asian fusion

SHARON LAM | In this next instalment dedicated to food, writer and architectural graduate Sharon Lam reflects on the nature of fusion food and asks whether an Asian New Zealand fusion cuisine exists.

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Photo by Xin Cheng

tender surrender

XIN CHENG | In Desire Armed, Landstreicher proposed desire as a creative impulse to follow one’s own inclinations, independent from the spooks of society, in relation with the specific other people around oneself. I feel, an important distinction then, is to realise the situations where I can do something…

A review of Roots [根] presented by Proudly Asian Theatre

AMY WENG | As part of the Auckland Fringe Festival, Proudly Asian Theatre presents the New Zealand premier of Roots [根], in association with Auckland Lantern Festival. Amy Weng caught the show at Uxbridge in Howick. Roots [根] will also play at Q Theatre from 1 – 3 March 2018…

Miss Changy's breakfast event, part of Satellites 2017, served up Kaya toast, Kopi and eggs to the hungry masses. Photo by Julie Zhu

In Conversation with Ruby White aka Miss Changy

AMY WENG | Ruby White will be familiar to many as the creative mastermind behind Miss Changy, a food-as-art project that has recently brought some of the most exciting pop-up culinary experiences in Tāmaki Auckland. Amy Weng spoke to White about her practice, subverting the Ford assembly line, and the art and politics of food…

A view from Nanji-do ecological park, Seoul, Korea, 2015. Photo by Xin Cheng

Mountain Stories

XIN CHENG | The last three months of 2015, I lived on a trash mountain. I thought I was going to an eco-park. The morning after my arrival, I walked out of where I had slept, and discovered a giant dome building, a huge chimney, trucks coming in, and a blinking board of what looked like toxic chemicals with numbers beside them…